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Receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit and provide students at Carefree Christian Academy with tax credit scholarships.

Carefree Christian Academy partners with families to provide excellence in Christ-centered academics by preparing students to live God-honoring lives.

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"CCA has definitely helped me with a lot this year. One thing I can tell I’m improving at is my faith. I’ve definitely grown closer to God and read the Bible a lot more than I have in previous years. I also think it has helped me with more self-control and just knowing what supportive friends and teachers we have. It has definitely helped with my academics."

“CCA has helped a lot. My grades are better than before I came here… All of the teachers care a lot about us, and that also makes it easier because they are always here to help.”

"Before coming to CCA I really didn’t enjoy school at all and I didn’t exactly consider myself a happy person....but as I started spending time with other students we would grow to think of each other as family. I think my favorite thing about CCA is the relationships we have with each other, students and teachers alike. My CCA teachers are like a 2nd set of parents that help me make choices with unbiased opinions. I have learned so many things from all my teachers in all subjects of my life, and I know I wouldn’t be at this stage in my life without them all.”

I think I found my real group of friends here. I used to always be a shy, quiet kid who was always bullied by the popular kids and never had many friends. But now I feel like I have real friends. I have grown spiritually, I am more open, more kind, less shy and less stressed.”

Thank you for partnering with ACSTO to provide scholarships for students at Carefree Christian Academy.

Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization
Carefree Christian Academy

As an Arizona taxpayer, your donation to ACSTO provides scholarships for students to attend Christian Schools while you receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit against your state tax liability!

A tax credit is very different than a charitable deduction—rather than reduce your taxable income, it directly reduces your state tax liability (a.k.a. the tax you pay). This means that at the end of the year, if you normally receive a refund, you’ll get a bigger refund. If you normally owe taxes, you’ll owe less. It is to your advantage to participate in this program!

For example, if your tax liability is $1,000 and you make a $750 donation to ACSTO, your liability will be reduced to $250.

In addition, you can donate all the way up until Tax Day or before you file your taxes (whichever of these comes first), and still claim the credit for the previous tax year.

The best part? ACSTO uses your tax credit donation to award tuition scholarships to Christian School students attending one of our Partner Schools. You can even identify a school or recommend a specific student to be considered for a scholarship.

Thank you for making Christian Education affordable for thousands of Arizona families!

For further information, please visit or contact our office at 480.820.0403.